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Friday, May 29, 2020

FAQ: How to Backup your Blogger Template

You can backup your blog content and import it to another blog, or re-use it on yours - again and again. 

In few simple steps I will show you how easy it is:

Download (SAVE) - In your Blogger dashboard, click on “Theme” in the left menu. On right side you will see ''Backup/Restore'' button. Click on it. Download theme. You will download .xml file with 'Blank Paper' icon.

Upload (RESTORE) -  works same way. Theme - Backup/Restore - Upload (Choose File).

Note - some gadgets may not be backed up so make sure you have links and images saved somewhere on 
PC, they might appear as 'broken link' or messed up, that is normal. Remove them and add new ones instead.
Anything new added on layout after backing up, such as new gadgets, pages etc. it won't appear in saved template - always backup before adding/installing new template. 

For more questions - you can contact me via


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