I am pleased to announce that you can now purchase animations at my store! It's much easier to check out and download.
So please stop by Designs by Kiya for more goodies.
Want even more options? Then check out the Barbara Jensen store for even more fun animations to play with!

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I am a little bit of everything it seems, from making tags for wonderful designers, to creating my own animations and blog sets you can use to spruce up your site.
All animations/blog sets I create will be from either personal, permission granted from artist/designer, or CU items. They are not for sale or reproduction when purchased.
Please use appropriate credits as noted within TOU.
If you'd like anything in particular, please do not hesitate to let me know via email.



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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

[PTU] New Animation Packs 13, 14, Tubes + Special!

Hallo, everyone!
Got some exciting news! You can purchase and download files quickly
from my shop. Just click on any of the images below to take you there!

I've also got two new regular animation packs and two fun new tubed packs
titled 'Gone Fishing' now available.

And if you spend $6 on any animations at the store, you get an extra pack for FREE!

Happy Shopping! :D








Sunday, June 21, 2020

[PTU] Animation Packs #11 and #12

New animation releases!!
(please remember the guidelines for payment) 
Remember that any purchases over $7 get the Beetlejuice bonus pack!
Deadline is June 30th, so hurry! :D


Animation Pack #11



Animation Pack #12



Tag Show Off!
Featuring the gorgeous tag by Gwils Creations and animation 
from Pack #12. Tutorial link HERE

Monday, June 15, 2020

Custom Blog Designs

Showing off some customized blogsets.
Same rules apply for ordering blogsets by clicking on link below:
(please note that costs range from $25 upwards - depending on detail of order)

Tube Use (TOU)
For those of you who wish to use tubes for your layout, please be aware that cost of getting the tubes is part of your payment. Each artist has their rules/regulations for usage, so please read the list carefully before making a choice:

VeryMany/VMA Tubes - requires use of extended license
All Artists - Elegance Fly - requires use of extended license


Designed for LeDiva Designs


Sunday, June 14, 2020

[PTU] New! Animation Packs #9 and #10

Don't forget the special bonus going on now!
Check out THIS LINK for more information!
Animation Pack #9



Animation Pack #10


(Important! Type in payment amount once redirected)
Please send email to with proof of invoice/order number

Package will be sent to you for download within 48hrs. See Animation Shop Guide for more information.

Friday, June 12, 2020

[PTU] Jensen "Quiet Moment"

Tag featuring the beautiful multi-layered tube "My New Kicks" by Barbara Jensen.
This beauty is now available at her store:
This was matched with the just one of the many awesome kits from Gimptastic Scraps!
You can grab "Quiet Moment" now
Pick up a fitting animation by Kiya Designs also now available at the Jensen store:
Pack #8
Including BONUS animation (butterflies and more!) which you get with any $6 purchase of animations now!
Happy Tagging! :D

Sunday, June 7, 2020

[PTU] Animation Packs #6 - #10

New animation releases!!
I had a lot of fun creating these and you can view the tag using some of them below.
(please remember the guidelines for payment) 
Any purchases over $7 get the Beetlejuice bonus pack!
Deadline is June 30th, so hurry! :D

Animation Pack #6



Animation Pack #7



Animation Pack #8



Animation Pack #9



Animation Pack #10



Tag Show Off!
Using the wonderful kit "Dark Forest" by Hania's Designs
and animations from Pack #6

Tag using the fab kit "Mermaid Goddess" by Hania's Designs
and animations from Pack #8

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